Month: March 2013


The Internet thinks I am 5 years old.

In the early days of the good old World Wide Web, the emerging anonymity was often summed up with the cartoon “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” published in 1993. Now, 20 years later, not only does the Internet know you’re a dog, it knows whether you’re a mutt or a purebred; whether […]

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Why can’t I collapse HTML in a master page? Oh, wait, I can! (Sort of.)

I’m going to file this one under Stupid Visual Studio tricks. When editing a master page file in an ASP.NET project (or in my particular case, a SharePoint solution), it came clear that the normal display of the HTML source was missing the very useful expand/collapse option. Exhibit 1.  Master page with no collapse With […]

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full-calendar fail

How to fail your consumer.

I must be in a bit of a ranting mode this week, but I couldn’t get past this one. So I’m implementing a web based calendar for a client.  I decide to use a fairly normal jQuery plugin called FullCalendar.  For the most part, it works as you’d expect. Query a list of events.  Render […]

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