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  • Dad Status Indicator

    Dad Status Indicator

    How I created a simple status indicator for my family to know when I am on a call while working from home.

  • DIY Quad Monitor Stand

    DIY Quad Monitor Stand

    While working from home has been a normal for me for some time, the 2020 COVID-19 social distancing mandate has added another element to making my home office even more functional. This time around, I wanted to finally get a rig set up so that I could effectively use all four of the LCD monitors […]

  • Spaghetti was easier

    Spaghetti was easier

    A couple weeks ago, I saw the following image in my Twitter feed: I, for one, am old enough to have lived through all 3 of these paradigms for software architecture. The team on which I am a part has been strategically tasked largely with taking a spaghetti codebase and moving to ravioli. So the […]

  • My new Microjobs are live

    My new Microjobs are live

    I am really excited to announce that I am joining Collab365 MicroJobs – a brand new marketplace dedicated to Microsoft professionals. I have launched 2 initial offerings.

  • How to Use Cortana to control your Hue lights

    How to Use Cortana to control your Hue lights

    Summary of all the information needed to control Philips Hue lights using Cortana on Windows 10