Year: 2010


Career Retrospective 2010

One of the tenants of the Agile methodology for software development is the Retrospective. ¬†Essentially, the Retrospective is a time when a team can look back on the last body of effort, and ask themselves the some variant of the following three questions: What did we do well? What did we do not so well? […]

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Launched! HomeSpot AgentPro goes live.

Countless late nights are behind me as I joyfully announce the launch of our newest HomeSpot product, AgentPro. AgentPro allows professionals in the real estate and home improvement industries to leverage our consumer product HomeSpot HQ as an economical and value-adding marketing platform. Do you know a real estate agent who’s looking for a […]

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A video every serious developer should watch.

Robert C. Martin’s keynote from QCon London 2010 titled “Bad Code, Craftsmanship, Engineering and Certification”

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Patterns and practices

Datasets are not Business Objects.

It’s a long argued debate, but I weigh in the misguided practice of using DataSets instead of custom Business Objects.

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In Praise of Balsamiq

Balsamiq Mockups is a great example of a single focus software company being successfully by doing one thing extremely well.

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