My name is Derek Smith and I am a software developer.

By day, I am a Principal Software Engineer for FM:Systems

By night I run HomeSpot HQ, an online tool for homeowners to use for managing the critical information about their homes.

My first program was in BASIC on an Apple II.  Then came more BASIC on an Atari 800XL.  Next, Hypercard stacks on Macintosh Classic. Then FoxPro, Access and finally Visual Basic.  Since its release I have been primarily focused on the Microsoft .NET platform.

I consider myself in the middle of my development career.  I’ve worked for myself, for public and private companies, and for governments.  In each of these venues I have honed my craft in an attempt to be regarded as a reliable, skilled creator of software tools that solve business problems.

I care about the process and craft of software development, and use this blog to document the various challenges I’ve faced, problems I’ve solved, and technologies I am learning and care about.  The content and opinions on this blog are my own and do not represent my employer’s view in any way.

I can also be found on LinkedIn and on Twitter.