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  • Letters to junior developers

    Letters to junior developers

    Dear Recent Graduate or Entry Level Developer, As someone who has been in the field you have selected for your career for some time, I hope you will allow me to offer some (completely unsolicited) advice about our industry.  I’ve been where you are: eager, motivated, and hopeful.  I’m sure you’ll encounter plenty of people […]

  • The Developer’s mid-life crisis – and 5 ways to overcome it

    The Developer’s mid-life crisis – and 5 ways to overcome it

    Are you stuck in the middle of your career, wishing you could use all the hip new technologies? Here are 5 ways to overcome the developer’s mid-career crisis.

  • You’re going to fall behind

    You’re going to fall behind

    As a developer, there will always be things you can’t keep up on. Be that a new language, framework, toolkit, backlog of features, unit test coverage, or even documentation. There simply has become too much to learn, too much to consume, too much to monitor, for any normal person with a day job to manage. And that is okay.

  • Career Retrospective 2010

    One of the tenants of the Agile methodology for software development is the Retrospective.  Essentially, the Retrospective is a time when a team can look back on the last body of effort, and ask themselves the some variant of the following three questions: What did we do well? What did we do not so well? […]