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  • Spaghetti was easier

    Spaghetti was easier

    A couple weeks ago, I saw the following image in my Twitter feed: I, for one, am old enough to have lived through all 3 of these paradigms for software architecture. The team on which I am a part has been strategically tasked largely with taking a spaghetti codebase and moving to ravioli. So the […]

  • You’re going to fall behind

    You’re going to fall behind

    As a developer, there will always be things you can’t keep up on. Be that a new language, framework, toolkit, backlog of features, unit test coverage, or even documentation. There simply has become too much to learn, too much to consume, too much to monitor, for any normal person with a day job to manage. And that is okay.

  • How to fail your consumer.

    How to fail your consumer.

    I must be in a bit of a ranting mode this week, but I couldn’t get past this one. So I’m implementing a web based calendar for a client.  I decide to use a fairly normal jQuery plugin called FullCalendar.  For the most part, it works as you’d expect. Query a list of events.  Render […]

  • Writing meaningful comments and making your team happy.

    How, when and why to write comments as a developer.

  • A video every serious developer should watch.

    Robert C. Martin’s keynote from QCon London 2010 titled “Bad Code, Craftsmanship, Engineering and Certification”