SSMS Tools Pack Works for Me

Today a co-worker of mine introduced me to a great add on to Microsoft’s SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).  It’s simply called the SSMS Tools Pack and is a free download from

The product is a collection of ‘a few upgrades to the SSMS IDE that I thought were missing” according to the author.  These features include:

  • SQL Snippets
  • Window Connection Coloring
  • Window Content History, Query Execution History and Current Window History
  • Format SQL
  • Search Table, View or Database Data
  • Run one script on multiple databases
  • Copy execution plan bitmaps to clipboard or file
  • Search Results in Grid Mode
  • Generate Insert statements from resultsets, tables or databases
  • Regions and Debug sections
  • Running custom scripts from Object Explorer
  • CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) stored procedure generation
  • New query template
  • General Options

The particular feature I needed was to Generate Insert statements from an existing table – particularly when dealing with partial synchronizing between two copies of the same database, such as a Dev and Staging or Production environment.

I’ve added SSMS Tools Pack to all of my systems now, and is definitely one product I want to promote.

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derek Derek Smith is a software developer with 20 years of history developing on the Microsoft platform. He is the founder of HomeSpot HQ, and is the Director for Microsoft SharePoint Professional Services at rmsource, inc. in Raleigh, NC. Derek is on Twitter, , and Linked In

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