Exception message honesty

The more I work with SharePoint, the less surprised I am when I see things that are unusual, bizzare, or even comical.  Here’s today’s installation (emphasis mine):

WhatsPopularWebPart: Exception while retrieving data. Exception: System.ServiceModel.FaultException`1[Microsoft.Office.Server.WebAnalytics.ProcessedDataRetriever.DataRetrieverFailure]: The creator of this fault did not specify a Reason. (Fault Detail is equal to Microsoft.Office.Server.WebAnalytics.ProcessedDataRetriever.DataRetrieverFailure).

I’ve written before about inaccurate progress bars and offered my plea for meaningful exception messages, and I suppose in this error I get both my wishes.  At the very least it’s brutally honest (though it would have been great to out the lazy developer by name).







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