Responsive Design with Bootstrap in SharePoint 2010

It was a real pleasure and privilege for me to present to the Triangle SharePoint User Group this month.

In my presentation, I demonstrated how to incorporate the Bootstrap web application framework in to SharePoint master pages and page layouts in order to deliver a responsive browsing experience.

The full video of my presentation is up on Youtube, and shown below.

(Note: Unfortunately, when I switched from slides to the demo, and switched the display on my laptop from ‘Extend’ mode to ‘Duplicate’ mode, SnagIt didn’t pick up on the transition and the demo portion did not get recorded properly. Thankfully the code can be seen in the video up on the projection screen.  If anyone has specific questions or wants code samples, just add a comment for this post or send me a tweet.)

About the author

derek Derek Smith is a software developer with 20 years of history developing on the Microsoft platform. He is the founder of HomeSpot HQ, and is the Director for Microsoft SharePoint Professional Services at rmsource, inc. in Raleigh, NC. Derek is on Twitter, , and Linked In

3 comments for “Responsive Design with Bootstrap in SharePoint 2010

  1. September 22, 2013 at 3:24 pm

    Very nice article to start making SharePoint responsive.
    I’m also working with responsive branding for SharePoint, let me introduce our work, take a look at
    We have a tunning tool where you can fully customize a theme for SharePoint and besides being responsive the theme include a lot of features.

  2. Taregh
    October 1, 2013 at 1:34 pm

    Hi Derek,

    Very nice demo.

    Is it possible to get the code samples for this demo?

    Thanks in advance.


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