How does co-editing work in SharePoint 2013?

This week I was on site with a client discussing how to further leverage SharePoint in their business, and our conversation came around to how to better equip their field engineers and staff.  Specifically, I shared about the document library Sync feature.  One question came up regarding how SharePoint will reconcile changes if one employee modifies a file from their synchronized local copy, and another employee modifies the file directly from the Document Library.

It’s a typical question and one I thought I’d answer using a live demo.  The video below illustrates how co-editing can work for both online and offline users.  I hope you find it helpful.

(BTW: I’m going to try to start creating more of these kinds of Q&A videos, so if you have a suggestion for a question or explanation of a SharePoint feature, please comment on this post and share your idea.)



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