How to Use Cortana to control your Hue lights

For Raleigh Code Camp this year I thought I’d stay in the realm of IoT, but also bring together some latest and greatest sweetness.  So my talk is titled “Hey Cortana, turn on the lights” and is a fun walkthrough of using Cortana, Universal Windows apps on Windows 10, the Azure Service Bus, and the Hue API to control your lighting with your voice.

Here are all the reference articles I used in preparing the talk, and the slides, code, and video will be posted after the event. – this article was my inspiration and provides a good overview of the various elements of this solution.  I updated for Windows 10, and did not use a Raspberry Pi (though now with the RPi 2 and Windows 10 IoT Core it would not be that difficult.) – this one is in Portuguese, but still shows how to structure the Voice Command Definition file. – the official page for the Speech SDK from Microsoft – Cortana Interactions – good overview with example for adding VCD to your Windows 10 app – this is a sample project provided by Microsoft.  It seemed slightly out of date, but was a good reference. – Download page for Visual Studio 2015 Community edition.  You need VS2015 to do universal app development – the Phillips Hue developer site.  To get access to the full API docs you’ll need to register, but they have a getting started page here as well.– a .NET wrapper for the Hue API.  I didn’t use this directly, but modeled my own wrapper after it, and found it helpful for some of the JSON handling. – article with code samples for interacting with the Azure Service Bus as a publish and subscriber – example of using the Service Bus REST api since the full SDK is not yet available for Windows 10 – how to send messages using REST to the Service bus queue – another overview of the Service Bus with code samples





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