My new Microjobs are live

I am really excited to announce that I am joining Collab365 MicroJobs – a brand new marketplace dedicated to Microsoft professionals. I have launched 2 initial offerings.

The first is focused on organizations who believe they may benefit from developing an Internet of Things strategy.  To these organizations, I will host a 1 hour IoT brainstorming session.

Here are 4 reasons that the Collab365 Team have spent months building the site:

  1. You often need expert Microsoft help just for a couple of hours.
  2. You can’t keep up with everything Microsoft is releasing.
  3. You find it hard to find Microsoft experts on other non-dedicated sites. There are just too many other subjects covered.
  4. You don’t have time to go through a lengthy interview process.

Here are the details of this offering:

How I can help you …

The Internet of Things is revolutionizing every type of business in every sector?  But with so much to sift though, it can be overwhelming to know how to get started.

Do you think your business, company, industry could catch the IoT wave, but you’re not sure where to begin?  This one hour brainstorming session will help you begin to form a strategy for considering, planning, and implementing an IoT solution to digitally transform your business.

In this session, we’ll explore questions like:

    1. What are the unknown data points in our business that need to be captured?
    2. How could an IoT solution open up a new revenue opportunity for our company?
    3. Where does our company spend the most time/money fixing things after they become problems?

This session will be recorded and provided to you for ongoing review, and follow on planning sessions can be added to continue your IoT journey.

We will perform this session as a 1 hour Skype call (or other similar web conferencing platform.)

How does it work and what about payment?

Paying for online services with people that you don’t know can be worrying for both parties. The buyer often doesn’t want to pay until they’re happy that the Provider has completed the work. Likewise the Provider wants to be sure they will be recompensed for their time and commitment. Collab365 MicroJobs helps both the buyer and the seller in these ways:

  1. The buyer pays up front and the money is securely held in the MicroJobs Stripe Connect platform account.
  2. The Freelancer can then begin the work in the knowledge that the payment has been made.
  3. Once the buyer is happy that the work is complete and to their satisfaction, the funds become available to the Freelancer.
  4. There’s even a dispute management function in case of a disagreement. But it won’t on my MicroJob! As long as we agree what’s needed up front and keep talking the entire way through, you won’t be disappointed.

Note: Once I’ve completed the work, I’d love it if you could write a review for me. This will allow others to see what a fantastic job I did for you.

What if we need to add extra’s to the job after I’ve started?

It’s really easy for us to discuss your extra requirement (using the chat feature on the site) and for us to agree a price and add it to the order.

If you’d like me to help you, here are the steps to hire me …

  1. View my MicroJob.
  2. On that page click the “Buy” button.
  3. You’ll need to register as a buyer on the MicroJobs site, but this only takes a minute and will also allow you to purchase MicroJobs from other awesome Freelancers.

If you need to contact me then please use the “contact” button and ask me any questions before purchasing.







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