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  • TFS Migration: Sharing common code

    In this latest installment of recording our team’s migration to Team Foundation Server 2010, I’ll be describing how we organized and share our common code libraries. The scenario is quite common. We have a Application that provides specific line of business functionality. It leverages several Common libraries that provide underlying functionality that are used by […]

  • TFS Migration: Branching and Merging Strategy

    As we are evaluating and planning our migration to Team Foundation Server 2010, considerations for adopting a Branching and Merging strategy for our source control projects has demanded a lot of our attention. While using Visual Source Safe, our team rarely if ever used Branching to isolate project so they can be developed or supported […]

  • TFS Migration Resources

    As I am doing research and preparing for our migration to Team Foundation Server, lots of various resources are emerging to assist in our planning. It seemed appropriate to make a list of these items and provide some commentary on their content and relevance to our efforts. Codeplex based resources patterns & practices Team Development […]

  • Migrating to Team Foundation Server 2010: Preamble

    About a year ago, I led an effort to introduce the organization where I work to automated unit testing, continuous integration and automated deployment as part of the development process. We implemented CruiseControl.NET, wrote and refined dozens of NAnt scripts, and in the end, established a working CI environment for our project, complete with nightly […]