TFS Migration Resources

As I am doing research and preparing for our migration to Team Foundation Server, lots of various resources are emerging to assist in our planning. It seemed appropriate to make a list of these items and provide some commentary on their content and relevance to our efforts.

Codeplex based resources
patterns & practices Team Development with TFS Guide (Final Release)
This online guide provides a decent overview of how to leverage TFS for your development team. While it has not been updated (so far as I can tell) to reflect TFS 2010, many of the concepts and descriptions are relevant and applicable with the latest version of the product.

Visual Studio TFS Branching Guide 2010
One of the major choices we are facing in the midst of our migration is whether to move into using branching and merging as part of our development process. The guides provided by the so-called ‘Visual Studio ALM Rangers’ give very clear overviews and explanations of the various strategies surrounding branching your code and organizing your project.

MSDN based resources
Team Foundation Server 2010 Resources page
MSDN, true to its mission, provides plenty of source material about TFS directly from Microsoft. You can start with the TFS Installation Guide, then move to the Getting started with Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management to get a good basic understanding of the parts and pieces that make up the TFS product.


The Woodward Web
Brian Harry – Brian Harry was one of the original developers of SourceSafe, and is now part of the Team Foundation Server product team at Microsoft.

As I find additional resources, I’ll update this list.






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